Biometric Identification and Enrollment

Our solutions empower our clients to efficiently and effectively address personal identification using face and fingerprint recognition technologies, and to apply them to the issuance of modern electronic biometric documents such as e-passports, e-IDs, residence permits, driving licenses, etc. In cooperation with various biometric equipment suppliers, we can offer the optimal solution for biometric identification, duplicate identity detection and biometric data (photos, fingerprints) quality assessment.

Biometric Document Issuance

Our solutions for biometric document issuance include management of cryptographic keys (using HSM devices) and certificates for access to electronic chip of the document and signing of stored data, data preparation according ICAO standards, workflow management based on application batches, management of personalisation equipment from various vendors including development of custom contact and contactless chip coding and automated quality control modules, secure PIN codes generation and printing, document blank stock management.


  • • Formats: ID1, ID2, ID3.
  • • Document types: Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Refugee Travel Document, Stateless Person Travel Document, etc.; Identity cards for citizens, stateless persons, refugees, foreign nationals , etc.; Advocate Cards, Servant Cards, Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration Certificate, etc.
  • • Chip interfaces: contact, contactless.
  • • Chip applications: eID, ePassport, eSign.
  • • Supported chip OS: SmartApp, TCOS, eTravel, MTCOS, Mifare.
  • • Cryptography: Basic Access Control (BAC), Supplemental Access Control (SAC), Extended Access Control (EAC), Active Authentication (AA), Passive Authentication (PA).
Automated Quality Assurance Solutions

Biometric Document Quality Assurance Solutions ensures automatic quality checks of personalized documents. It could be integrated and operated at document personalisation platforms from various vendors as part of the personalisation process or to work as a standalone QA workstation.


  • • MRZ recognition and validation.
  • • Document chip data access utilising BAC, PACE, EAC.
  • • Document data authenticity check through Passive Authentication.
  • • Document chip authenticity check via Active Authentication and/or PACE with chip authentication.
  • • Automated inspection of special printed security features.
  • • Alphanumeric data comparison between retrieved data from chip and MRZ and/or scanned and ocr’ed data.

Verification applications are designed to verify the identity of the holder of a travel document by automatically matching the data on the document’s chip with the biometric data collected by mobile or fixed devices during the check. Verification apps are available for Android and iOS environments.