Softemia develops software solutions for the issuance of modern electronic biometric identity documents. Our solutions are designed for, but not limited to, the issuance and verification of passports, identity cards, residence permits and visas. This includes the capture of personal biometric data, data validation and preprocessing, and the issuance of documents using various technologies such as laser engraving, colour inkjet printers etc. The solutions integrate with various back-end systems such as population registry, payment institutions, digital certificate agencies, etc.

Our team is very young. And although we are not big, our success in many countries around the world has made us well known and respected in the secure document industry. As our geography of projects keeps expanding and the number of documents issued using our software increases, we are looking for new colleagues. By the way, if you’re still studying, that’s no reason not to join us. We encourage learning. Flexible working hours and working from home are always possible too if you have the proper skills and commitment.

We understand that we can hardly expect anyone who wants to join our team to already have experience in the field of identity documents. And while this would be a great advantage, not having such experience is in no way a barrier to joining us. We are confident that smart, open-minded people will be able to quickly familiarise themselves with the specifics of what we do, and make effective use of their experience in other industries. The same applies to technological knowledge – a lack of knowledge in one or another technology will not necessarily be a barrier to taking up a position, provided there is sufficient commitment to learning new things and to continuous improvement. 

If you decide to apply, just send a short email about yourself at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

Here is a list of open positions as of today:


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