Personalization Solution

Biometric Travel Document Personalization Solution – is a server-client orientated application which provides the main functionality for biometric document personalization workflow: application data management, personalization (chip encoding and visual personalization), stock management, transport keys and certificates management in HSM.


  • Formats: ID1, ID2, ID3.
  • Document types:¬† Ordinary Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Refugee Travel Document, Stateless Person Travel Document, etc.;¬†Identity cards for citizen, stateless person, refugee, foreign nationals , etc.;¬†Advocate Cards, Servant Cards, Driving Licence, Vehicle Registration Certificate, etc.
  • Chips: SmartApp, TCOC, eTravel, MTCOS, Mifare.
  • Chip interface: contact, contactless.
  • Chip applications: eID, ePassport, eSign.
  • Cryptography: Basic Access Control (BAC), Supplemental Access Control (SAC), Extended Access Control (EAC), Active Authentication (AA), Passive Authentication (PA).
  • HSM modules: SafeNet, nShield, ARX PrivateServer.
  • Stations: Muehlbauer ID5000, Muehlbauer SCP60, Entrust Datacard MX Series, Entrust Datacard PB Series.
  • Inkjet printers: SURYS passport printer, Diletta 800i sets.

We are ready to customize solution by adding or removing software and hardware components to optimize the solution for the specific customer’s needs.